Mod Pack Jovi for World of Tanks [0.9.6]v.17.0

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adaptation to 0.9.6
added preview mods

Next update World of Tanks came today 10. 02 . 2015 Considering this, the author builds mods Jovi immediately, one of the first laid assembly for installation in the world of tanks already in an updated form. Modpak from Jovi is one of the most popular among the soldiers. Millions of players have already appreciated the opportunities presented in the assembly modifications. Pre-loaded for review is an overview of the assembly in YouTube, Then one of the first to download and will build itself for download and installation on your Computer. Modpak from Jovi (Virtus.Pro) includes only the most necessary and informative mody.Milliony tank rated the usefulness of the assembly and enjoy its benefits.
New in version [16.2]
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1 Added preview images in the installer.
2 Added the possibility of combining art sights “Sword of Damocles” and TAIPAN with others.
3 Superior armor penetration indicator: operates on a color change (in extended further and figures shows).
4 Additional server scope is configured for the different modes (arcade / sniper / art).
5 Information about the spawn on the loading screen battle.
6 Turn off the red flash when taking damage.
7 Disconnect the parking brake in the Snipe. mode on the TP.
8 Disable inertial scrolling in arcade mode.
9 Informer results of the completed fight in the chat.
10 Different skins for system messages, sessional statistics and informer results of the previous battle.
11 Added the ability to display no penetration in the log for the panels and Dellux GambitER.
List of 12 tanks – added levels and fighting skills, as well as winning percentage on the tank.
13 Mod WG Social.
Build a list of mods almost unchanged :

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1. Convenient sights :
* Do Jovi
* Turquoise
* Sight Flashes
* Sight Amveya921
* Sight Murazora
* Sight a la Ghost Recon
* Super – sight from MeltyMap
* Art- sight ” Sword of Damocles ”
* Art- sight “TAIPAN”
* Reduction as Cyril Oreshkina2 . Useful things :* Deletion of blacks in sniper mode .
* Indicator direction of fire.
* Disable random shooting corpses and allies.
* Calculator armor from MeltyMap

3 . UGN : Angles traverse . Two versions to choose from :

* Out of the corner
* Theater
* Big semicircle
* From MeltyMap

4 . Information panel selected target :

* Recycle and review
* Easy to use control
* Colour bar

5 . Panel display technology with the damage an attacker:

* Do Jovi
* Battle of the player interface zayaz
* The damage panel from GambitER
* Minimalistic panel from marsoff

6. Battle chat:

* Notification of the recharge time
* Message History

7. bell crit 8. Seclusion camera :

* NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
* Disable dynamic camera shake

9. Changing the appearance of :

* Disable camouflage and inscriptions
* Skins with zones of penetration (not all tanks )
* Colored decals projectile
* Bright F / W platform on maps

10 . Increase visibility 11. Improvements in the hangar :

* Statistics gaming session
* Vertical tree development
* List of tanks in two rows
* More filters list tanks
* Displaying the fighting in the platoon
* Ping ( possible lag !)
* List of battles on the GC
* Change in camouflage hangar
* Detailed descriptions of skills
* Hours

12. Integrated mods XVM:

* Alternative markers art
* ” Sprockets ” – markers glows in the ears of the opposing team
* Mini map with sonar – tracking enemies
* Log personal damage : simple and detailed
* Red Stoplight “The Sixth Sense ”
* Aka ” The Sixth Sense ”
* Alternative icons tanks in the ears of the team: three options

13. WoT Tweaker Plus – a program to raise the FPS

Were added a few sights, UGN , Panels damage , etc


Run the installer modpak Noted mods you want to run



 Mod Pack Jovi t4415195 (115. MB)


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