Mod-Pack Alexxx_DAR v8.11.4


Автор: Alexxx_DAR


01. «Mod-Pack Alexxx_DAR» перед папку установка модов автоматически ясно старые режимы «Res_Mods»
02. «Mod-Pack Alexxx_DAR» должен быть установлен в папку «World_of_Tanks»

Assembling author Alexxx_DAR v8.11.4, which put a lot of work
Many exclusive fashion in which the author of many works


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01. Attractions to choose from ( from Minimalistic Alexxx_DAR / Zayec / MetalyMap / Sword of Damocles / Taipan / la Battlefiled / Circle RedGreen / J1mB0)
02. Net hangar

03. Audio Mode ( Detailed voice test WP 8.7 developers , fire siren , sound bulbs 6 feeling any flavor)
04. XVM Light , Olenemer tanks and icons to choose from (Details Included minimap convenient marker tanks Log damage etc configuration of Alexxx_DAR)
05. White tanks corpses
06. ZOOM Mod ( maximum length of the camera )
07. Zoom_X – More approximation in sniper scope
08. Panel damage to choose from (GambitER / MINI / Combat interface from Hare)
09. Tanks 2 or 3 row selection
10 . My office with lots of shells
11. colored rollers
12. Damage indicator light damage seconds
13. Text Mode ( Funny Quotes before the fight , combat chat messages with photos ( configuration of Alexxx_DAR), extended description and the skills of the crew )
14. Statistics panel per session (per night)
15. angles to pass
16. Removal of smoke and fog on maps
17. Remove the blackness of a sniper scope
18. Boot screen and watch in the hangar ( configuration of Alexxx_DAR)
19. Information panel to select the selected target ( Minimalistic / Simple panel ( configuration of Alexxx_DAR) / Colour bar ( configuration of Alexxx_DAR)
20. Bright platform on maps
21. Rose custom commands ( configuration of Alexxx_DAR)
22. Golden icons premium tanks
23. Icons shells, supplies and modules
24. See in Action
25. Remembers the last selected server
26. Disabling shooting allies
27. List of upcoming fights on the client CC
28. Direction trunks enemies on the mini-map
29. color penetration
30. WoTTweaker (Program raise FPS)
31. Circuit never penetration zone
32. No sniper roll
33. old FOV







Full list of changes from v8.11.4 v8.11.3:

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List of mods, adapted for the new fashion pack 8.11.4 :
01. Updated Mod ” Tanks 2 and 3 lines ”
02. Updated Mod ” Direction trunks enemies on the mini-map “LIST NEWS 8.11.4 :
01. Added mod ” White knocked caterpillar ”
02. Added mod “Mod warning light in the combat chat ”
03. Added modes ” Automatic next review on the mini-map ”

8.11.4 Other changes:
01. Fixed display shotnyh tanks for all types of vehicles
02. Changed panel “Statistics for the session”
03. Fixed a sniper scope ZoomX
04. Improved mod ” combat chat messages with pictures ”
05. is replaced by “DISPLAY damage ”
06. To the detriment of the panel “Gambite” used colorful advice overload enemy
07. Added into XVM map for a chance to win live tanks on Tab key
08. WoTTweaker program installed in the root folder
09. Added crosshair on the mini – map in art
10 . Added red rays direction trunks enemies on the mini-map
11. Some changes in the crosshairs “Alexxx_DAR”


Yandex drive  (825 Мб)


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